25 years experience worldwide in energy-efficient and sustainable design

Our innovation network around Univ.Prof. Dr.Ing. M. Norbert Fisch can look back on more than 25 years of innovation in energy-efficient and sustainable design. Originally founded as a spin-off of a solar energy research group at the University of Stuttgart in 1990 and today associated with the Institute for Building Services and Energy Design at the Technical University of Braunschweig, our group is committed to innovation, science-oriented reasoning and the development of evidence-based solutions in design and building projects. Through leadership in the advanced market of Germany and the considerate development of adapted design solutions in various locations and climates, we are able to deliver energy-efficient and sustainable projects worldwide on a high level of performance and professional excellence.
With offices in Shanghai and in Bangkok we support projects locally in the Asian region. Our office in Stuttgart serves projects worldwide.


Energy+ House, Bangkok, Thailand
highlight plus energy concept, ice storage, construction quality control, DGNB certification
services energy concept, mechanical design, DGNB consulting, DGNB certification
client Pruksa Real Estate
architects unexpected Co.,Ltd.
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